CASCARA: Brazil Coffee Pulp Tea

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This is the first Cascara that we've offered at Pirates.

It is a naturally processed Arabica Yellow Bourbon varietal, and was produced by Fazenda Da Pedra in the Mantiqueira De Minas region of Brazil.

Cascara means "skin" in Spanish and is the dried skin/husk of coffee cherries. Even though it comes from a coffee cherry, it tastes nothing like coffee when it's brewed! It's a unique drink that actually tastes more like herbal tea than coffee. 

Tasting Notes: Cherry, Hibiscus, Cranberry

Check out the brew guides below for hot and cold versions of the drink.


☠️ Single origin from Brazil

☠️ Region: Mantiqueira De Minas

☠️ Farm: Fazenda Da Pedra 

☠️ Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

☠️ Tasting notes:

  • Cherry
  • Hibiscus
  • Cranberry

☠️ Imported by: WE THE ORIGIN