2023 TREASURE OF HAMASHO: Ethiopia Natural

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Treasure of Hamasho is a fruit-forward and floral gem from Daye Bensa Coffee in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. The tropical fruit acidity and sweet undertones result in a cup that is aromatic and flavourful.

Tasting Notes: Peach Tea, Jasmine, Orange Candy, Caramel

Cup score:  89.00 ☕   

Treasure of Hamasho is quite versatile to brew. Enjoy it on espresso or filter (v60, aeropress, Chemex, etc), either black or with milk/alt-milk.



Hamasho is an area well known for its exquisite coffee​. It is a highland found in the Southern Area of Sidama Region. Hamasho means a serpent in the local language, and the coffee in the area is well known for its high quality coffee productions.


☠️ Single origin from Ethiopia

☠️ Region: Sidama

☠️ Producer: Daye Bensa

☠️ Farm: Hamasho

☠️ Roast: Light/Medium

☠️ Brew: Filter/Espresso

☠️ Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom

☠️ Process: Natural

☠️ Cup Score: 89.00

☠️ Tasting notes:

  • Peach Tea
  • Jasmine
  • Orange Candy
  • Caramel

☠️ Altitude: 2230 masl

☠️ Harvest: February 2023

☠️ Whole Bean