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A juicy and fruit-forward cup balanced with a white chocolate sweetness. Complex, but not your prototypical Yemeni coffee. This coffee is a natural processed Dawairy variety produced by a single farmer, Sageer Al Khoulani in the village of Masar in West Haraz, Yemen.

Tasting notes:

☠️ Blackcurrant

☠️ White Chocolate

☠️ Banana

☠️ Apricot

The coffee is part of our Transparent Origins series purchased via Direct Trade by our green coffee organization WE THE ORIGIN, directly from Yemeni coffee producer Sabcomeed.

Sageer Al Khoulani inherited his farm from his father with about 300 coffee trees. He produced only 31kg of coffee during the harvest, making this an extremely rare nano-lot.

“Yemen has become the largest humanitarian crisis in the world,” states the UN. There are 24 million people in need of aid. Yemen has exported coffee globally for almost 500 years and their economy is tied to global coffee consumption.

In this video message below, Abdulrahman Saeed from Sabcomeed shares a simple way for us to buy coffee and help the people of Yemen.


☠️ Transparent origin

☠️ Single origin from Yemen

☠️ Grade AA Arabica coffee beans

☠️ Farmer: Sageer Al Khoulani

☠️ Producer: Sabcomeed

☠️ Region: West Haraz

☠️ Village: Masar

☠️ Varietal: Dawairy

☠️ Process: Natural

☠️ Tasting notes:

  • Blackcurrant
  • White Chocolate
  • Banana
  • Apricot

☠️ Altitude: 2200 masl

☠️ Harvest: March 2020

☠️ Farmgate price: USD $22.50/kg

☠️ FOB price: USD $50.00/kg

☠️ Purchase price: USD $70.00/kg

☠️ Imported by: WE THE ORIGIN

☠️ Roast: Medium

☠️ Brew: Filter

☠️ Whole bean



Here's our brew guide for the v60.

You can use this same brew guide on a different pour over brewer (such as Origami or Kalita, etc).


15g coffee (grind: medium/fine)
225ml water (1 minute off boil)

Step by Step

Before starting, rinse the filter to eliminate any paper taste from your brew. Also, pre-heat your mug/vessel by pouring some hot water into it and then discard that water.

0:00 - pour 40ml
0:30 - pour 40ml (total 80ml)
0:50 - pour 40ml (total 120ml)
1:10  - pour 40ml (total 160ml)
1:30 - pour 40ml (total 200ml)
1:50 - pour 25ml (total 225ml)