Brew Bar X Lab

Pirates of Coffee Brew Bar and Lab


Hang with The Crew and experience our coffees the pirate way at our Brew Bar and Lab located at 6740 Davand Drive, Unit 7 in Mississauga. We have a wide range of coffees available from milk-based drinks to pour overs including our full range of rare, experimental and competition coffees.

Brew Bar Hours
Monday - Sunday 9am - 5pm


Current Offerings

‍☠️ Espresso

‍☠️ Americano

‍☠️ Piccolo

‍☠️ Flat White

‍☠️ Cappuccino

‍☠️ Latte

‍☠️ Spanish Latte

Pour Over

‍☠️ v60

‍☠️ C‍hemex

‍☠️ Paragon


‍☠️ Aeropress

‍☠️ Clever Dripper

‍☠️ Syphon