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Rose, Apricot, Mango, Strawberry, Honey

We're thrilled to be the first coffee roaster in Canada to offer this Geisha varietal from the Creativa Coffee District in Boquete, Chiriquí, Panama.

This geisha was produced using a natural anaerobic process known as Static Cherry in which the coffee cherry is fermented for 72 hours. The end result is a complex coffee with many layers, yet elegant.



☕ 92.75 (WE THE ORIGIN)

☕ 91.00 (Forward Coffee)

Download the cupping score sheet



The Creativa Coffee District (CCD) is a forward-looking specialty coffee producer in the Chiriquí province in Boquete, Panama. By transforming a traditional wet mill and drying patio into a modern state-of-the-art processing facility, CCD integrates art and specialty coffee in a unique and authentic space. Artists are promoted and celebrated to inspire industry participants around the globe to support and demand new coffee production standards that guarantee higher incomes for growers and sustainable ecological practices for processing stations worldwide.

In the spirit of the Creativa Coffee District, the art on the coffee bag was sketched by fellow pirate and artist, Imtiyaz Rajwani (@i.a.rajwani and @imz_83) who drew upon inspiration from Molas, which is a hand-made textile that forms part of the traditional women's clothing of the Kuna people in Panama.

The leaf represents a geisha coffee plant and the red circles are geisha coffee cherries. The 

bee at the bottom represents the honey in the tasting notes and the vertical lines (very typical for mola artists) represent the various fruits and berries present in this complex cup.

The Creativa Coffee District project leverages art as a catalyst to push the boundaries of coffee. It's an innovative way to generate fair wages for coffee producing communities, who otherwise tend to be paid unfairly.



This coffee was produced by Lucrecia Alvarado from the farm Finca Callejon Seco in the Creativa Coffee District.

N17 is a natural anaerobic process that CCD calls Static Cherry:

"Anaerobic fermentation allows us to stimulate the bacteria and yeast growth that flourishes in oxygen-free environments. The fermentation phase ranges from 24 hours to 216 hours. We noticed that the lots with shorter fermentations present more lactic and subtle profiles, with higher acidity and sweetness. On the other hand, while cupping the results from more extended fermentations, we perceive more intense flavours. We get stronger profiles with an acidity that brings an effervescence and a staggering complexity to the palette".

This specific lot N17 was fermented for 72 hours which results in a harmonious balance between acidity, sweetness and complexity.



☠️ Single origin from Boquete, Chriquí, Panama

☠️ 100g of freshly roasted Arabica 

☠️ Producer: Lucrecia Alvarado, Creativa Coffee District

☠️ Farm: Finca Callejon Seco

☠️ Varietal: Geisha

☠️ Lot: N17

☠️ Process: Natural Anaerobic - 72 hours

☠️ Cup score: 92.75 (Download cupping sheet)

☠️ Tasting notes:

  • Rose
  • Apricot
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Honey

☠️ Altitude: 1625 masl

☠️ Imported by: Forward Coffee

☠️ Our purchase price: CAD $130/kg

☠️ Roast: Light

☠️ Brew: Filter

☠️ Whole bean


v60 Brew Guide

Here's our brew guide for the v60.

You can use this same brew guide on a different pour over brewer (such as Origami or Kalita, etc).


16g coffee (grind: medium/fine)
240ml water (1 minute off boil)
2 minutes, 30 seconds brew time

Step by Step

Before starting, rinse the filter to eliminate any paper taste from your brew. Also, pre-heat your mug/vessel by pouring some hot water into it and then discard that water.

0:00 - pour 40ml
0:30 - pour 40ml (total 80ml)
0:50 - pour 40ml (total 120ml)
1:10 - pour 40ml (total 160ml)
1:30 - pour 40ml (total 200ml)
1:50 - pour 40ml (total 240ml)

The brew should end around 2:30, could be a little shorter or longer. Don’t allow it to go past 2:50.