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A limited edition treasure box featuring 4 rare coffees produced by Joseph Brodsky at Ninety Plus Estates in Panama. This set contains 50g of each coffee.

The are some of the top coffees we have had on our offerings.

Ninety Plus Estates - Limited Edition Set (200g total)

  1. Lycello Gesha (50g)
  2. Juliette Gesha (50g)
  3. Kambera Gesha (50g)
  4. Nekisse Mixed Heirloom (50g)


    Lycello Gesha 🏴‍☠️

    Ninety Plus Gesha Estates - Panama Lycello Gesha

    Inspired by the words "lychee" and "cello", Lycello was the first taste profile created at Ninety Plus Estates in Panama

    Tasting Notes: Lychee, Oolong Tea, Fresh Mint

    Variety: Gesha

    Process: Dry Fermented/Washed

    Drying Style: Dried in Husk

    Roast: Light Roast

    Lycello Batch 5 of 2014 was the first of 5 Ninety Plus coffees used to win the World Brewer's Cup Championship (5 World Championships in the last 6 years).


    🏴‍☠️ Juliette Gesha 🏴‍☠️

    Ninety Plus Gesha Estates - Panama Juliette Gesha

    Named for its romantic and subtly seductive nature (2-time Chinese Champion and WBC finalist Jeremy Zhang is among her victims), Juliette is among the sweetest coffees produced by Ninety Plus.

    Tasting Notes: Orange Peel, Vanilla, White Peach

    Variety: Gesha

    Process: Dry Fermented/Pulped

    Drying Style: Dried in Mucilage

    Roast: Light Roast

    Juliette manifests both the clarity of the classic floral and citrus profile of traditional gesha coffee while being balanced with depth and creaminess in the structure.


    🏴‍☠️ Kambera Gesha 🏴‍☠️

    Ninety Plus Gesha Estates - Panama Kambera Gesha

    In 2005, Ninety Plus Founder, Joseph Brodsky, traveled to Ethiopia for the first time. Kambera derives its name from “Kampi” (site of Kampi Cooperative in Ethiopia) and “berry”.

    Tasting Notes: Plum, Dark Chocolate, Maraschino Cherry

    Variety: Gesha

    Process: Anaerobic

    Drying Style: Dried in Cherry

    Roast: Light Roast

    Kambera is now cultivated at Ninety Plus Candela Estates in Panama, a proof of concept of the model inspired by Joseph’s very first visits to Ethiopian coffee communities and coffee wilderness.


    🏴‍☠️ Nekisse Mixed Heirloom 🏴‍☠️

    Ninety Plus Gesha Estates - Panama Nekisse Gesha

    Nekisse (formerly Beloya) was the first coffee Ninety Plus developed in Ethiopia, and in 2007, it was the first coffee to score 97 points on Coffee Review.

    Tasting Notes: Date, Clove, Balsamic Glaze

    Variety: Gesha

    Process: Anaerobic

    Drying Style: Dried in Cherry

    Roast: Light Roast

    Ninety Plus Founder, Joseph Brodsky, moved to Ethiopia in 2006 to start Ninety Plus. He lived full-time in Ethiopia for 2 years, fermenting and drying coffees with his own hands and intuition. These tiny batches (the Aricha and Beloya Micro Selections) were first taken on a tour to specialty roasters in the Nordic countries who hadn’t tasted natural processed coffees of this level prior. They quickly became the choice of national barista champions who featured them on the World Barista Competition stage in Copenhagen in 2008. These coffees were the first single-origin, natural process coffees to be presented in the World Barista Championships and were the precursors of the current Panama Nekisse


    About Ninety Plus Estates

    Ninety Plus Estates was founded by Joseph Brodsky in Panama. Located on the western slopes of the Barú volcano, these are the first and only places in the world where heirloom Ethiopian varieties of coffee are grown under full forest canopy at this scale.

    Ninety Plus Estates Panama Joseph Brodsky

    Like massive ecological parks with coffee growing as part of the forest community, these pristine playgrounds include trail networks which connect experiential moments ranging from waterfalls and precolumbian petroglyphs to giant trees, volcano views, and jaguar bathing pools.

    Ninety Plus Geisha Estates - Joseph Brodsky 

    The Ninety Plus Gesha Estates were designed with inspiration drawn from coffee growing wild in its natural habitat in Ethiopia. The Gesha variety, along with all heirloom coffee varieties, comes from the understory of wild forests in Ethiopia. These heirloom varieties of coffee live very long lives – up to 100 years or more – and produce relatively small amounts of intensely aromatic coffee.

    Ninety Plus Geisha Estates - Joseph Brodsky

    Joseph Brodsky had an opportunity in 2009 to acquire this large property (~200 hectares) and had a vision of reforesting its historic cattle farming lands with native tree species while planting the shadeloving Ethiopian Gesha coffee beneath the canopy. With its first significant production in 2014, coffee from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates was used to win the first of 5 World Brewers Cup Championships in 6 years. Ninety Plus Gesha Estates proves that coffee can be utilized to reforest and sustain tropical lands while producing the highest valued coffees in the world.

    Ninety Plus Geisha Estates - Joseph Brodsky