COLD BREW: Ethiopia Hamasho Anaerobic Natural

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This is the Cold Brew version of our Treasure of Hamasho Anaerobic coffee. This limited edition is available in 375ml glass bottles. It's interesting to compare the nuances between the cold brew expression of this coffee to its original version.

These make perfect gifts and are intended for sharing a special coffee moment with friends and family over the holidays.


More Details

This beautiful anaerobic natural-processed Ethiopian from Daye Bensa is tropical, juicy and clean. The sweet and floral aromatics combined with tropical fruit acidity result in an extremely enjoyable cup.

Tasting Notes: Lychee, Mandarin, Pineapple

Cup score:  90.00 ☕   


Hamasho is an area well known for its exquisite coffee​. It is a highland found in the Southern Area of Sidama Region. Hamasho means a serpent in the local language, and the coffee in the area is well known for its high quality coffee productions.


☠️ Single origin from Ethiopia

☠️ Region: Sidama

☠️ Producer: Daye Bensa

☠️ Farm: Hamasho

☠️ Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom

☠️ Process: Anaerobic Natural

☠️ Cup Score: 90.00

☠️ Tasting notes:

  • Lychee
  • Mandarin
  • Pineapple

☠️ Altitude: 2230 masl

☠️ Harvest: February 2023

☠️ Whole Bean