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This Loco Series Treasure Box celebrates the crazy coffees coming out of Colombia this year. All eyes are on this origin, as Colombian coffee producers are in a renaissance in coffee processing and production.

Specially packed in a premium black box to make it a perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season.


  1. SMOOTHIE: Colombia Anaerobic Honey (250g)
  2. ACAI: Colombia Wush Wush CM (100g)
  3. LYCHEE POP: Colombia Honey Culturing (250g)

1. SMOOTHIE: Colombia Anaerobic Honey 🏴‍☠️

Smoothie has a unique mouthfeel that we have not experienced before - it's velvety smooth with a mouthfeel that's reminiscent of a caramel macchiato, except that we're drinking it black. The cup is balanced with just the right amount of tropical fruits and acidity. 

Process: Honey Culturing, Anaerobic

Impressions: Creamy, Smooth, Tropical

Tasting Notes: Banana Milkshake, Jackfruit, Blueberry, Toffee Vanilla Ice Cream

Cup Score: 88.25


2. ACAI: Colombia Wush Wush CM 🏴‍☠️

Acai is a Wush Wush varietal produced by Sebastian Ramirez from El Placer Colombia. This coffee stood out among a table full of other loco coffees for the unique taste and aroma of acai berries! We were blown away at just how flavourful yet sweet and balanced this coffee was.

Process: C.M. Natural

Impressions: Structured, Delicate, Floral

Tasting Notes: Acai Berry, Blackberry, Grape, Raspberry, Lavender

Cup Score: 90.25


3. LYCHEE POP: Colombia Honey Culturing  🏴‍☠️

Lychee POP was produced by the infamous Edwin Noreña at Campo Hermoso in Quindio, Colombia. This tropical treat is a Cenicafe 1 variety and was processed with a honey culturing process.

Process: Honey Culturing

Impressions: Juicy, Fruity, Tropical, Bold

Tasting Notes: Lychee, Sprite, Hibiscus, Rambutan

Cup Score: 88.50