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Join #TheCrew and celebrate with this treasure box containing our 6 most popular coffees:


  1. LAVA CAKE: Costa Rica, Honey Process (250g)
  2. EL PIRATA: Colombia Tolima (250g)
  3. BIO: Colombia Bioreactor Anaerobic (250g)
  4. FRUIT PUNCH: Ethiopia Nensebo (250g)
  5. COCOA BOMB: Brazil Minas Gerais (250g)
  6. CHERRY COLA: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (250g)

1. LAVA CAKE: Costa Rica, Honey Process¬†ūüŹī‚Äć‚ė†ÔłŹ

This beautiful Costa Rican coffee is sweet and chocolatey with just the right amount of citrus to make things interesting. It has a silky texture and smooth lingering aftertaste that will have you immediately reaching for another cup and another one after that.

Process: Yellow Honey

Impressions: Sweet, Silky, Smooth

Tasting Notes: Molten Chocolate, Caramel, Sweet Valencia Orange

Cup Score: 87.00


2. EL PIRATA: Colombia Tolima¬†¬†ūüŹī‚Äć‚ė†ÔłŹ

We're always excited to receive new coffee from our Colombian producer partner, Equation Coffee. This single origin offering from Tolima brings everything we look for in washed Colombian coffees: a sweet and clean cup that has the perfect balance of chocolate, nuts and fruit.

Process: Washed

Impressions: Sweet, Cleaned, Balanced, Classic

Tasting Notes: Dried Fruit, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel

Cup Score: 82.75


¬†3.¬†BIO: Colombia Bioreactor Anaerobic¬†¬†ūüŹī‚Äć‚ė†ÔłŹ

A fruity, chocolatey and citrusy gem that is super vibrant and clean, due to the unique Bioreactor Anaerobic Washed processing technique. The cup has a harmonious balance between fruit, chocolate and sweetness from start to finish.

Process: Bioractor Anaerobic Washed (58 hours)

Impressions: Vibrant, Clean, Balanced

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Caramel, Red Apple, Citrus, Chocolate

Cup Score: 85.00


4. FRUIT PUNCH: Ethiopia Nensebo¬†¬†ūüŹī‚Äć‚ė†ÔłŹ

This beautiful natural-processed Ethiopian from Nensebo, West Arsi is sweet and smooth. The winey tropical fruit acidity and chocolatey undertones result in a cup that is extremely enjoyable and flavourful. 

Process: Natural

Impressions: Fruit Bomb, Balanced, Syrupy, Clean 

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Mango, Chocolate, Citrus

Cup Score: 87.00


5. COCOA BOMB: Brazil Minas Gerais¬†¬†ūüŹī‚Äć‚ė†ÔłŹ

Sweet and balanced with notes of chocolate, almond and brown sugar. An all-rounder coffee, brew it as filter or espresso. It tastes great black and with milk or dairy alternatives. This single origin coffee was produced by Latitudes Grand Cru in the Minas Gerais region of South-Eastern Brazil by 3 coffee farmers: Francisco Ramos, Carla Alburquerque, and Silvia Mariano.

Process: Washed

Impressions: Sweet, Clean, Balanced, Full Bodied

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Almond, Brown Sugar

Cup Score: 81.5

6. CHERRY COLA: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe¬†¬†ūüŹī‚Äć‚ė†ÔłŹ

The original Cherry Cola. With tasting notes of gummy cola bottles, black cherry and a splash of lime, this is an approachable and versatile single origin from Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. Cherry cola is a washed processed coffee, which gives it a clean cup profile.

Process: Washed

Impressions: Sweet, Clean, Balanced, Light Bodied

Tasting Notes: Gummy Cola Bottle, Black Cherry, Lime

Cup Score: 82.50