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Notes: Mandarin, Peach Nectar, Candied Grapefruit

El Ocote, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Yelstin Sagastume, a honey-processed parainema, was sourced and roasted by our mateys at Black & White. We are featuring this coffee on our menu for a limited time as part of our Roasters Alliance with guest roasters.

Words from Black & White:

From the very beginning of Black & White we have worked with our friend Benjamin Paz and Kevin Bohlin in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras. The very first direct coffee we purchased was Edgar Erazo's El Filo, one we just sold through the 3rd consecutive year of his amazing Pacas. This year Benjamin picked a couple extra lots for us to taste and we took them both. This first one is Yelstin's Honey Parainema, and WOW.

The Parainema variety has mixed reviews among coffee professionals. Some love it and some find it to be a bit too savory, and herbal with an intense almost harsh acidity. I (Kyle) tend toward that direction. So, I didn't have high hopes for this sample, but I was 100% wrong. The Honey Process on this Parainema mellowed out some of the savory, and tamed that intense acidity making this coffee intensely orange fruity with amazing texture and a clean acidity that balances the cup perfectly.

We are so happy to continue our relationship with Ben Paz, and are already looking forward to next harvest with more coffees to come. Also, we saved the best lot from Honduras for last. Benjamin Paz - Anaerobic Natural Bourbon, look for that in about a week. It is a stunner and the highest score I have ever given a coffee from Honduras 89pts.


☠️ Origin: Honduras

☠️ Region: Santa Barbara

☠️ Tasting notes: Mandarin, Peach Nectar, Candied Grapefruit

☠️ Producer: Yelstin Sagastume

☠️ Farm: El Ocote

☠️ Variety: Parainema

☠️ Process: Honey

☠️ Elevation: 1450 masl