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Notes: Caramel, Milk Chocolate and Subtle Cherry

Nariño, Colombia

The Sugarcane Decaf was sourced and roasted by our mateys at Black & White. We are featuring this coffee on our menu for a limited time as part of as part of our Roasters Alliance with guest roasters.

Words from Black & White:

The Sugar Cane Decaffeination process is a natural process that not only maintains the integrity of the coffee flavor, but allows complete traceability with our coffee since both the growing/ processing and decaffeination all occurs in Colombia, the coffee’s source. Colombian Coffees are commonly known to be big, rich, chocolaty coffees with exceptional fragrance and often great acidity. Since Colombia has many diverse growing regions, the coffee varies mildly from region to region.

☠️ Single Origin

☠️ Origin: Colombia

☠️ Region: Nariño

☠️ Tasting notes: Caramel, Milk Chocolate and Subtle Cherry

☠️ Process: Sugar Cane/EA