THE TREASURE BOX: Colombia Anaerobic

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This trifecta celebrates the diversity and richness of Colombian coffee.

In the treasure box, we dive deep and explore the diverse cup profiles found in 3 Anaerobic Processed coffees of Colombia. 

THE TREASURE BOX: Colombia Anaerobic

  1. BUBBLE GUM: Colombia Anaerobic (250g)
  2. BIO: Colombia Bioreactor Anaerobic (250g)
  3. FIZZY CHERRY COLA: Colombia Anaerobic (250g)

1. BUBBLE GUM: Colombia Anaerobic  🏴‍☠️

This beautiful natural-processed Ethiopian from Nensebo, West Arsi is sweet and smooth. The winey tropical fruit acidity and chocolatey undertones result in a cup that is extremely enjoyable and flavourful. 

Process: Anaerobic Natural (120 hours)

Impressions: Tropical, Syrupy, Lingering

Tasting Notes: Grape Candy, Mango, Raspberry, Bubble Gum

Cup Score: 86.75


2. BIO: Colombia Bioreactor Anaerobic  🏴‍☠️

A fruity, chocolatey and citrusy gem that is super vibrant and clean, due to the unique Bioreactor Anaerobic Washed processing technique. The cup has a harmonious balance between fruit, chocolate and sweetness from start to finish.

Process: Bioractor Anaerobic Washed (58 hours)

Impressions: Vibrant, Clean, Balanced

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Caramel, Red Apple, Citrus, Chocolate

Cup Score: 85.00


3. FIZZY CHERRY COLA: Colombia Anaerobic  🏴‍☠️

Our first ever blend, a single origin that is intentionally crafted to meet a very specific flavour profile. We tinkered and experimented with around 30+ blend variations and finally found a combination that achieved the intended flavour profile.

Process: Anaerobic Natural, Washed

Impressions: Fruit Forward, Juicy, Sweet, Effervescent

Tasting Notes: Fizzy Gummy Cola Bottles, Cherry Candy, Grenadine